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New Covenant Forum is committed to helping our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ to understand better the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.  Recognizing that faith in Jesus is the Biblical Jewish faith, we believe that a better understanding of this truth will enable a believer in Christ to better explain the Gospel not only to Jews but to anyone.

We also feel that the Jewish people will never truly be impacted with the Gospel, without the witness and testimony of all Christians.  Most Christians, especially in the Greater Toronto Area, regularly are in contact with Jewish people. Whether they are a friend, neighbour, co-worker or classmate, they need to know the Gospel if they are to have an opportunity to enter into eternal life through their Messiah, Yeshua.

For these reasons, we have many opportunities in which New Covenant Forum can partner with, or be a blessing to your church congregation or organization.  We are also open to new opportunities that might afford a greater opportunity to impact the Jewish community with the Gospel.

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Canada's oldest on-going mission to the Jewish community. Proclaiming Jesus as Messiah and Saviour since 1894.

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