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New Covenant Forum was established in 1894 as the Toronto Jewish Mission, proclaiming Yeshua as Messiah and Saviour to Toronto’s Jewish community and beyond.

New Covenant Forum is an evangelical Christian ministry located in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). It is our goal to encourage conversation about Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah with the Jewish people in Canada and around the world.  Our programmes of evangelism and discipleship are offered freely to all, but in keeping with our mission, we give priority to the Jewish community.

Along with our web-based outreach, we have a variety of booklets and literature on spiritual themes available free of charge to genuine spiritual seekers. We also hold Bible studies and discussion groups with those interested. Please contact us for help in your spiritual quest.

New Covenant Forum also seeks to partner with churches and individual believers in Jesus, both Jewish and Gentile, who want to know more about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith or who want to be better equipped to share the Gospel with Jewish people.

Daniel Muller, a Jewish Canadian believer oversees the day-to-day ministries of New Covenant Forum and is responsible for the content of this site.

Canada's oldest on-going mission to the Jewish community. Proclaiming Jesus as Messiah and Saviour since 1894.

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