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Honest Questions for Honest Science

February 7th, 2014

I have an honest question for all you budding (or not so budding) scientists, science teachers and just general science buffs out there.

Could you please respond and tell us when it is that the theory of evolution was proven?  Can you tell us what date the clinching evidence was produced, or at what point there was sufficient repeatable results to evidence the hypothesis of evolution as fact?  Can you please tell us when there has been an observable instance of genetic migration from one species to another (as opposed to change within a species, which is well documented)?

If you have this information, why not let us know about it?  If evolution is proven we’d seriously like to know how?

If not, then why is it being touted as truth in our schools and on our media?  Why is there no honest debate about evolution vs. intelligent design (let alone creationism)?

It’s a matter of honest science, is it not?

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