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Who really cares?

January 21st, 2013

Now that the winter hostilities against Israel seem to have died down and a cease-fire put in place, at least for the time being, life for the rest of us goes back to normal.  The world keeps spinning and the media is on to the next thing.  

But what’s going on behind the scenes? I’m not talking about Israel’s enemies stirring up trouble so dependably … No, this is about Israel’s friends who don’t stop what they’re doing either.  

As a Christian tuned in to this subject for 20 years, I’ve seen so many doing so much. But it’s occurred to me recently that, being in different social circles, you might not even know they’re there.      

We’ve heard of those righteous Gentiles doing what any decent human would do to defend other humans … but do we realize how unrecognized they probably were while their lives and stresses were happening? And on that same note, how many other heroes are doing big things we don’t even know about now?

These are your friends defending Israel online or off: dedicated bloggers, teachers, writers and tweeters. People living regular lives to all appearances but at the same time using their free time to stand up for truth.   

I wish I could introduce you to Betty-Lou or to Gail, just two of my many friends hard at work in this arena. Betty-Lou is relentless, getting the other side of the story out there one email after another … while Gail teaches workshops and teaches others to teach workshops on the subject. Warriors, both of them.  

Then there are high-visibility friends like best-selling author Joel Rosenberg who wrote about 9/11 before it happened; Mitch Glaser of Chosen People Ministries putting the truth out there with passion; Dean Bye at Return Ministries working to enable Jews making aliyah; … or our own Daniel Muller here at New Covenant Forum, bridging the gap between our two faiths.  

There are too many to be listing all, but they’re out there. Watching Israel’s back and caring about her people worldwide.  

So today, no matter how quiet things seem – and how loud the silence gets – I wanted you to know you have friends.

Contributed by Shari Menzel, a Gentile believer in Jesus with a great heart for the Jewish people.

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April 26th, 2012

New Covenant Forum prays for the peace of Jerusalem as commanded by the Lord in Psalm 122:6.

May the Lord bless Israel with continued national independence,
                and may he bless the Jewish people with spiritual independence found in Messiah,



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Up or Under

December 29th, 2011

The following is exerpted from the Christian Zionism section of the Caspari Media Review of December 29, 2011 and cites a December 20th article in the Jerusalem Post:

Andrew Tucker, Executive Director of Christians for Israel International, contributed a piece to the Jerusalem Post: “Christians worldwide are gearing up to celebrate Christmas. Christmas trees are being erected, presents purchased and the turkeys prepared for the oven. Millions of church services will be held on December 25 to mark the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. The tragedy is, most of us have no idea why. We have forgotten that Jesus was a Jew – he came to this world as a Jew, lived as a Jew, died as a Jew, and will (we believe) come back a Jew. Most Christians have no idea that today’s Jews are descendants of Jesus’ friends and brethren. In fact, we have forgotten (if we ever knew) that the very reason Jesus came was to fulfill God’s promises to Abraham – to bless the Jewish people, and though them to bless all nations. We have made Jesus into a sort of Disneyland figure, conveniently cut off from his Hebrew roots and the people he so loved, among whom he dwelled, and for whom he gave his life. As my friend Willem Glashouwer puts it – we Christians cut the root, and stole the fruit. … There is something deeply wrong with Western Christianity today, and it has to do with Israel. It is no wonder the churches in the West are dying out. So long as the church fails to recognize that its own identity – its genesis and its destiny – are bound up with the restoration of the Jewish people (yes, the literal Israel), we will continue to miss the mark, and we will fail to be relevant. This requires nothing less than a fundamental paradigm shift in the mentality of most Christian leaders. … The church in Europe bears a special responsibility in this regard. It was in Christian Europe that six million Jews were slaughtered. Hitler was able to cite Luther, and he did so without hesitation. Confronted by the harsh reality of the Holocaust, there was a measure of repentance and new insight in the mid-20th century, but the tide seems to have turned again. Sadly, Christians who love and support Israel are today a small force in Europe. That is not likely to change. … All is not doom and gloom. A growing movement of Christians worldwide are coming to the realization that something has to change. Most of them are not in the West, but in the developing continents like Africa and Asia. Last month, for example, Christians for Israel organized a series of conferences in Uganda, South Sudan, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Ghana at which thousands of black Christians embraced the message that the church has not replaced Israel. … Many African pastors and Christian leaders – free of the historical and theological shackles that continue to bind their European counterparts – pledged to reject all forms of ‘replacement theology’ and to embrace Israel as the apple of God’s eye. Similar groups are springing up all over the world. I believe there is a hidden army of Christians who are rediscovering their true identity as Gentiles grafted onto the Jewish olive tree. These Christians feel themselves more and more isolated, and uncomfortable in the traditional churches. And they are increasingly marginalized and misunderstood. Christians who dare to support the Jewish people and the restoration of Israel need to brace themselves for stormy weather. But we have no choice. It is up or under.

If you are a believer in Yeshua, and you want to know how you can help let the Jewish people know about their Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), then click here or feel free to contact us for more information.

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Walk with Israel, but what about God?

June 2nd, 2010

This past weekend I went on the Walk with Israel sponsored by the UJA (United Jewish Appeal). I was at the opening ceremonies with a number of speakers, the most celebrated of whom was Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel. It was the first time that an Israeli Prime Minister spoke to a crowd in Toronto since Menachem Begin did in 1978.

There were many speakers, all of them well spoken, but none was as erudite as the Israeli Prime Minister. Mr. Netanyahu spoke about the common bonds between Israel and Canada: a regard for rule of law, freedom and pluralism. (He didn’t mention that pluralism does not extend to those Jews who believe in Jesus, but I didn’t expect that he would.)

He also spoke about Israel’s accomplishments. He talked about the fact that Israel’s regard for the Land came from the bible and he mentioned the promises of the prophets. But there was one thing missing in his speech. In fact throughout the long ceremony with its many speakers, one issue was ignored and left unmentioned. No one talked about God.

I have always believed that the will of God is the vital reason that Israel exists and has survived the past 62 years. It is also my belief that what makes Jews different from the rest of the world is the fact that we are the only nation of people who have a special relationship with God.

Here was a Jewish event in which God was given the cold shoulder. You can talk about Jews and you can talk about Judaism, but you can’t talk about God. To those who regard the first two and ignore the last, I direct you to these Scriptures (which talks about God a lot): Jeremiah 5:20-31.

Idolatry comes in many forms. God is the only refuge of the righteous.

Contributed by Daniel Muller, General Director of New Covenant Forum.

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